Beneath the Skin

The Apron – ‘Beneath the Skin’.

The concerns of my art practice have long been engaged with notions of the feminine aspect in the collective unconcious. My work has, so far, found its genesis within the domestic sphere, the experience of the girl child and the home as a site for adventure. The Apron Project is something I feel immediately drawn to. The apron as garment serves as a visual trigger, a metaphor for the self, the work and the alchemy.

It has been my endeavour to use this opportunity to explore the possibilities of meaning which arise from working within the parameters of two mediums- sculpture and painting. The three dimensional and two dimensional planes offer diverse language; one is more present in the world relating to the body in space, the other ethereal in its manifestation. By process itself I use my practice to investigate the apron as object and its semiotics to enable various readings. I have found there are transcendental aspects perhaps previously overlooked for the role of the apron.

My intention is to reinterpret the apron thereby releasing it from a singular reading, which relegates it only to the domestic realm.