Gympie 150th Anniversary Exhibition- 'Now and Then' - Meaghan Shelton - artist
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Gympie 150th Anniversary Exhibition- ‘Now and Then’

2017 marks the 150th of Gympie. Expressions of interest were called for from Gympie Regional Gallery for a group exhibition to commemorate the anniversary and celebrate Gympie’s rich heritage. I was selected and thus began my interest in the Woodworkers Museum, Gympie. The project requires artists to respond to an allocated museum in the local area. I was chosen to work in the Woodworkers Museum. Daunted at first, I somehow knew I would find something interesting to investigate somewhere, somehow! The site seemed incongruent to my practice, perfect! After a day mooching around this fascinating museum, I came home and flopped on the couch to read a book and let the days meanderings sift themselves in the back of my mind. I on-purposely tried to forget about the project. Later that evening I lazily browsed my photo documentation and the image shown here spoke volumes. That was it, I knew what I was going to do.

‘Now and Then’ opens at Gympie Regional Gallery March 4th 2017. More images of the completed work will appear after this date…